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Thomas Wolsey School caters for children between the ages of 3-16 years, with                                  twitterfacebook

physical and/or sensory needs. Many pupils also have complex medical and                                   Tel 01473 467600
learning needs.We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy.                      
                        Headteacher – Helen MacDougall                                                           Defoe Road, Ipswich, IP1 6SG

Summer Term Plans


Information for parents

The plans give detailed information about lessons for the term. They are however flexible and may change slightly, depending upon the responses of the children. Hopefully they will be helpful in providing ideas of activities to reinforce at home.

Click on the individual document titles to download in pdf format.


Medium Term Plans - Summer 2017 Term


 Butterflies Summer Term  Mandela Maths
 Da Vinci CLD  Mandela Art
 Da Vinci English Waterfront  Mandela RE Faith Based Aid Organisations
 Da Vinci Maths  Monkeys Summer Term
 Da Vinci MTP DT Systems Unit (Torches)  Owls Creative Learning
 Da Vinci Music  Owls subject specific lessons
 Foxes - Creative Learning  Rabbits Summer term
 Foxes English Plan  Secondary Life Skills MTP programming (ICT)
 Foxes Group Geography and History   Secondary Life Skills MTP PSHE E-Safety
 Foxes ICT  Starfish Summer term
 Foxes Maths  Wonder Group MTP Summer 1 Poetry and Rhymes
 Foxes Music  Wonder Maths
 Foxes Summer Plan  Wonder Science
 Hedgehogs Creative learning  
 Hedgehogs subject specific lessons  
 Mandela and Wonder Expressive Arts  
 Mandela English Significant Modern Author Short Stories