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Welcome to Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy which is an


“Outstanding” academy for children aged from 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs.


We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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 Starfish Class News

Welcome Starfish Class. Our class this year, is made up of Nursery and Reception children. We are aged from 3-5 years old. Some of us stay for just mornings, others for the afternoon. Some of us stay all day.

Spring Term 2017

  Communication, Language and Literacy    

This term, we have continued to listen to each other and to a variety of stories, rhymes and songs. We have used lots of visual, auditory, sensory and physical props to help with our understanding. We have had fun dressing up this term. We have communicated with each other by body language, eye pointing, vocalising, using words and Makaton and by using switches and an eye gaze machine. We have been helping to lead songs and rhymes by using our specialist communication equipment or by choosing props by eye gazing.

1 CLL 400
2 PD 400

 Physical Development

Every day we continue to practise our physical development skills in a variety of ways. We have been rolling, lying on our side, tummies and back, lying over wedges, sitting, shuffling, standing and walking. We use our equipment to support us to the best of our abilities.

We are also working on our health and self-care routines, so we can become as independent as possible. Examples of this are opening our mouth for food and drink, attempting to hold a cup, spoon or fork, finger feeding and showing a desire to help with dressing, undressing and hygiene routines.


  Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we have been playing lots of turn taking games with another adult or other children. We have been expressing our interests in a variety of ways and the adults support and value those interests. We help, where we can, with care giving experiences, such as dressing, by lifting a hand, or stretching an arm or moving our head.

3 400
4 Maths 400



We have been singing a selection of number rhymes and the children choose which one to sing by pulling an object out of a bag. There are always a variety of props to go with these songs, so it is an interactive experience. Adults continue to hand tap numbers on the children so they can feel the number. This term the children have also been exploring cause and effect on the interactive whiteboard, pressing switches to build up the pictures and sounds in the songs.

The children have been manipulating lots of 2D and 3D objects in a variety of media. They have experienced big and small and have been getting to know daily routines with the use of a visual timetable and objects of reference. You have also helped us at home by sending in poems, photos and information on switches about morning and bedtime routines.

Understanding the World

   We have used our senses to explore. We have enjoyed Sensology this term.

We have enjoyed looking at pictures and listening to stories, rhymes and switches about ourselves and our families.

We have used our switches to explore cause and effect toys and programs.


5 UW 400
   6 EAD 400

  Expressive Arts and Design

We have been using our hands, our feet and a variety of materials to create pictures. We have been dressing up as characters/animals in books.

We have loved listening to and creating sounds with a variety of instruments.

What We Think About Our Learning

We laugh, smile, eye gaze and breath calmly when we are enjoying our learning. the adults in class pick up on these promps and help us to continue to learn in a way that we like.

We love learning next to our friends. We look at them, smile or hold their hands.

We enjoy sharing our switch news or photos from home. 


How You Can Help Us With Our Learning

Please continue to share information from home via messages, 'Wow stars', switches or photos, these are always appreciated and shared!

Please help us work on your child's Individual targets.

Please see termly plans for further information about how you can support your child.

Our topic next term will be Ourselves.